Tatu Rönkkö, an experimental Finnish percussionist has certainly perfected his kitchen utensil chops. I’ve never heard a mini frying pan sound so good. He joined the Danish band Efterklang who comprised of three good friends Mads, Casper and Rasmus. They all fell in love with him, and each other again and the after-glow of all that produced the new sound of Liima.

Source: By Mike Winship on Flickr

 They reinforced  Why it is Important to See Live Music. Promoting their debut album ii, they stopped off at Patterns in Brighton to show us what magic actually sounded like.

Source: by Mathies Jespersen on Flickr

Their mood-altering, affable dispositions made it really easy for the audience to connect with them. They had an almost telepathic communication between themselves that melded the synths, drum samples, distorted vocals and bass into the multi-layered living, breathing soundscape that unfolded before us.

Source: by Mathies Jespersen on Flickr

They have been described as electro pop but it is hard to put them into any one genre. The set opened with the song ‘Your Heart’ and the tapping of a miked-up glass ‘weed’ jar. This song is described by the band as being the archetype of their particular sound. They also played the raw, harsher-sounding songs like Amerika.

Source: by Mathies Jespersen on Flickr

The music was so airy it could be absorbed directly into the skin. It was punctuated by the PHATTEST bass and beats. I think because it sounds like ‘fat’, that was the only word screaming in my head as the heavy bass and beats expanded through the air . All I know is that my belt felt tighter each time they kicked in.

The set ended with a flurry of fingers so fast on the drum machine that they didn’t look like fingers anymore. If he wanted, Tatu could casually trot out Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ in a text message in the time it takes to write the average ‘OMG!’. A mind-blowing, hypnotic performance from all. PHAT! (oops, there goes my belt again). Liima/Efterklang website