Bar 42 in Worthing is a favourite venue for Rotait. It was easy to see why they liked this venue as the staff were friendly and the audience were chilled, respectful and open to new music.They had a good rapport with the sound engineer which meant that we were administered the right amount of dirty distorted bass from the cello and musicality from the drums. Just what the doctor ordered. Gentle and humble offstage, they turned into monsters behind their instruments.

Source: By George Evans on Flickr

They delivered songs that were already familiar even though I had heard them for the first time at The Alternative Escape. These included ‘Addicted to You’ and ‘Come on Home’ . In between songs they were almost apologetic for being so good.

With only two of them in the band, Rosanna and Jareth have an eye for economy. They did not, however, economise on their sound which took up most of the tiny dance floor. Dancing took up the rest. As the Bar 42 compère in a cape said (he wore a long woollen cape, I didn’t ask): “Prepare to have your minds blown”.

Source: By Neelfe on Flickr