Cafe Plenty was certainly brimming over with abundance in the form of percussive folk guitarist, Kevin Minney’s first album launch, ‘Stories of the Sky’. A collection of songs based around physics, astronomy and sensitivity to one’s environment provided a unique viewpoint to songwriting.

Combined with his distinctive percussive style guitar, ethereal backing vocals sung by Steph Brown, (Della Lupa) and Sophie Cousins and rhythmic bass by Alfie Weedon the room filled with a delicate beauty that, as if each song were frozen in liquid nitrogen, felt as though it could be shattered at any moment.

‘Can You Feel It Too’, a song about climate change, stood out in particular. Kevin may have been looking at the stars, ‘Dark Stars’ being the first track on the album, but his down to earth attitude saw that the whole band went shoeless.

‘Just Another Day’ showed how well the band blended their harmonies while Like I Always and Time provided an upbeat contrast. Kevin worked hard to put the album together with producer Jag Jago and the help of crowd-funding and Arts Council funding. The project is a testament to the freedom and creativity allowed by independent artists who can provide music that is unlike any other.